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The suite of tools within the Du Val PropTech platform are designed to help you get the most out of your property investment journey. Understand how each market is behaving and make informed investment decisions that make you money. How you use the platform will depend on your own investment goals, so you will have access to a personal Property Advisor and a suite of videos to help you achieve your goals and prosper faster. Time is the most valuable asset we have, and Du Val PropTech allows you to get the most out of it, by providing you with independent research that shows you when to invest, where and why. Get the most out of every investment decision you make, with access to Du Val PropTech’s industry-leading suite of investment tools.

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Knowledge is power
and now, the power is yours.


With access independent real estate information

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It’s our job to help you access the best property investment opportunities possible. But how do you make a decision about the market, if you don't know what a good deal looks like?

Know more about investing with our database of independent property data

Du Val PropTech provides you with exclusive access to institutional quality real estate data. This level of knowledge has always been exclusively for the elite and institutions and we’re democratising it for smart investors.

The independent real estate data used on the Du Val PropTech platform is collated from a vast number of third party data providers from around the world. As a technology company with rich agency, development and finance know how, we understand the importance of using independent data to inform investment decisions. This is why we only work with the world’s leaders in property information and analytics, to help you manage property-related risk with ease.
Your network is your net-worth and by joining Du Val PropTech, you join a network where information is power - and it’s economised too.

Our Data & Research Partners

With the tools to understand and compare global investment properties

Du Val Proptech Real State Developers

Accessing institutional grade real estate research is the first step - but how do you use it? The analysis tools within Du Val PropTech enable you to make informed decisions about your current situation and will help guide you as you plan for the future.

Download detailed suburb reports and add valuable insight to your future decision making

Make direct comparisons on a net after tax cash flow on properties in different countries so you know the performance of the property and can compare apples with apples

You’re able to look at your property today, in five years and in ten years’ time, to help inform your short or long term strategy.

Why is this important? Across many jurisdictions, the costs of ownership, the costs to acquire and the costs to manage properties are completely different. So we have the analysis tools within our platform to help you navigate this and make sound investment decisions.


With the Du Val Dynamic pricing model

Du Val Proptech Real State Developers

Experience Du Val’s Dynamic Pricing Model in action and sign up today!

There are many costs in new residential property development. One of the most expensive is the cost of marketing property developments to investors. It’s a numbers game and the cost gets passed on to investors. We challenged ourselves to see if we could make this process more efficient for investors.

A win-win for property investors and developers

The reason institutions are able to purchase property at such a discounted rate, is because of the quantum of property they’re able to purchase at any one time - and subsequently, the time and costs they’ve saved that developer to market each of those properties.

As an individual you just don’t get that economy of scale. Until now.

Du Val PropTech is revolutionising the way we market residential projects, by allowing individual investors to harness the power of the collective and achieve discounts traditionally only enjoyed by large institutions.

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Get more out of the time you spend investing.

Du Val PropTech provides investors with the access to knowledge, the power of the collective, the influence of the crowd and the integrity of an investment in new, sought after developments that are creating homes around the world. Our solution doesn’t stop there. Each Du Val PropTech investor gains access to a Du Val Portfolio Advisor who will provide ongoing one-on-one support as you continue to track and grow your investment portfolio.

  • Receive ongoing support from your Du Val Portfolio Advisor
  • Track and maximise your portfolio with My Portfolio
  • Earn property rewards points with the Du Luxe Club
Du Val Proptech Real State Developers
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