Our Founders

Du Val PropTech was founded and is wholly owned by the largest suburban apartment builder in New Zealand and the former Head of UK Residential and International Properties Asia for Colliers International who wholly own Du Val PropTech.

Our revolutionary platform combines the development experience with the experience of one of Asia’s leading real estate agency professionals.

It is our mission to democratise the property market by giving transparent access to independent market data and offer the opportunity of exclusive, substantial rewards for early commitment to off plan investments. We are trusted by the UK and Australia’s leading developers and we are the most active apartment developer in New Zealand.

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Du Val Proptech Real State Developers
Kenyon Clarke

Chief Executive Officer of Du Val Group
Co-Founder of Du Val PropTech
Auckland, New Zealand

Du Val Proptech Real State Developers

New Zealand’s largest suburban private apartment developer
(CBRE, 2020)

Du Val Proptech Real State Developers

New Zealand’s largest apartment developer
(CBRE, 2020)

Du Val Proptech Real State Developers

New Zealand’s most active apartment developer
(CBRE, 2020)

Du Val Proptech Real State Developers

Du Val is also New Zealand’s 8th largest home builder in partnership
(BCINZ 2018)

Kenyon’s property experience has seen him learn from some of London’s largest property development companies and bring this much needed expertise to the New Zealand market.
Kenyon’s mission is to build 1,000 apartments and houses each year and over the next decade to establish a $5 billion Build-To-Rent portfolio. Kenyon Clarke’s family currently own New Zealand’s largest Build-To-Rent investment portfolio. Kenyon’s experience as a seasoned investor forms the foundation of Du Val’s investment and development thesis.

As New Zealand’s most active apartment developer, Kenyon is passionate about regeneration and halting urban sprawl. To do this, Du Val specialise in building brand new, institutional-grade residential property underpinned by proximity to key infrastructure,

He is a sought after commentator and public speaker with a broad base of knowledge accumulated over a 24-year career which saw him lose $120m in 2008 and recover to build Du Val into a $790m business by 2020.

He is often asked to speak about his personal journey in business and enjoys discussing topics including entrepreneurship, all aspects of property investment and development, the emergence of build-to-rent and buy-to-let sectors in New Zealand, sustainability, urban regeneration, the construction market and personal finance.

He is supported by a team of equally passionate people at Du Val who are committed to helping people improve their financial literacy and create financial resilience through property.

Du Val Proptech
Ashley Osborne

Chief Executive Officer and
Co-Founder of Du Val PropTech

Ashley has had a long and distinguished career in the property industry. After starting his career as an estate agent in a franchise office at Ray White in Adelaide, Australia, Ashley went on to lead a global residential project marketing business as Head of UK Residential and International Properties Asia for Colliers International; one of the world’s largest property agencies.

Ashley has over 20 years’ experience in the real estate sector and has worked in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and London over that period. He has been involved with development in all corners of the globe; from Zhengzhou to London.

Ashley’s experience promoting and selling real estate from all over the world to buyers across continents, brings a unique perspective on what investors, developers and owner occupiers are looking to achieve. As the principal architect behind Colliers International’s rapid growth in the Asian project marketing sales industry, Ashley has always been an innovator in the property industry. This calibre of innovation has served as a strong foundation beneath the Du Val PropTech brand and offering.

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